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NAME: fairy moonlight of neptune

AGE: 20

PRONOUNS: they † she

SIGN: pisces(february 21st 2002)

TYPE: infp + infj


ELEMENT: water

PLANETS: neptune + jupiter

STONES: amethyst + aquamarine + moonstone + opal + aura quartz

NUMBERS: 1111 + 222 + 333 + 555 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 32 + 34 + 36

COLORS: lilac + baby pink + coral blue + pastel aqua + lemon yellow + mint green + periwinkle

ASSOCIATIONS: oldweb + y2k + scenemo + fairy kei + kawaiicore + techcore + cyberpunk + seapunk + icepunk + coral reefs + cats/bunnys + angels

GENDERS (hover for names, click for source):

SEXUALITY (same as above):

BRAIN: autism + adhd + depression + anxiety + dissociation + DID(OSDD-1B i think?) + delusions + involuntary age regression(little alter, also based on autism)

SYSTEM INFO: its hard to figure out DID stuff as we can no longer communicate with eachother and experience memory problems(not exactly full memory loss, but if one alter learns something it isnt passed to other alters, so its like a game of telephone almost, and when that alter fronts again the thing they learned is far gone by that point and they have to learn it again. so we try to journal constantly on a private account). we didnt research or really know much about DID back when we could communicate, which makes it a lot harder to figure out stuff now.

currently i think we are a blurian mixed(median + multiple) system, meaning theres some alters that are fragments of the original host, and some that are original. we are made up of 3 or 4 ringed subsystems, more like a slider spectrum of alters genders, and are each still their own person despite being in the same catagory.

we're on our 4th host change, but prefer to call it 'brain split' since the previous one was out of trauma of being a host and now nobody really identifies as one.

we're trying to figure out what we want our body to be, as having a 'single' body is just how society works and how humans work, and have progressed quite a bit since this new split(i think we're almost there).

KIN(DELUSION): fallen angel soul fusion

VISUAL KIN: diamond hnk + konpeito-san + fefeta + mai touhou + satori komeiji + sora takenouchi + mizzlebip + fiamet + paruko + angeldevil + delirium + ramona flowers + sea fairy cookie + sugar glass cookie + rei ayanami + minori hanasato

SYNPATH KIN: mae borowski + lain iwakura + rina tennoji


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